When our founder took a closer look at the cosmetics industry he was following, he saw how cruel people were. He witnessed that cosmetic companies exploited nature by considering only themselves, and after doing this; they once again damage nature by leaving wastes. However, he believed that this situation would not continue like this and set off. This is how Capoxil's story began.

Before creating the Capoxil brand, he aimed to make it sustainable for both people and nature. We knew that if we were not careful and fair when taking from nature, after a while, nature would not give us what we wanted. This is why we produced Capoxil from natural ingredients that control hair loss. We have created a successful product that can to moisturize and stimulate hair.

Sales trials of Capoxil products have been made through online platforms. Here, the feedback to be received rather than the sale was focused on. Those who bought the products started giving feedback after a while and the results were excellent. All of those who used the products stated that they felt younger and happier. After this stage, the studies were accelerated and the number of products was increased. During this process, legal procedures were also settled and suppliers were found.

As Capoxil, the most important issue for us was how and from where our suppliers obtained the materials we bought from them. Paying attention to this issue, our products have been formulated from certified organic components. Our products are freed from harmful chemicals and toxins. We are in a principle that is strictly against animal testing as well.

We aimed to offer you the truly quality on this journey and we are proud to have achieved this. We are still developing ourselves and we never compromise our principles while doing this. Because we know very well that these are the underlying reasons people embrace the Capoxil brand.