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1. Aqua

It is a cosmetic product, normally known as water, used in the cosmetic industry to help in dissolving the ingredients in preparation.

It also helps in the formation of creams and lotions through its ability to form emulsions.

1. Offers all-round skincare that ensures the skin is ever moisturized and free from dryness

2. Helps in the removal of dryness lines and wrinkles

3. Helps in creation of smooth and fresh complexion

2. Propylene Glycol

This is a synthetic food addictive, colorless, viscous, and nearly odorless, with a faintly sweet taste.

 It is a weakly basic compound, belonging to the class of 1,2-diols organic compounds. It has traces of propylene oxide or glycerol, depending on how it has been created.


1. Helps in protecting and repairing the skin’s outer barrier.

2. Helps in making the skin hydrated by keeping moisture in your skin.

3. It reduces the aging signs in the skin by taking the role of natural moisturizing factor.

4. Enhances the use of other cosmetics by improving the rate of their absorption in the skin.

5. Its quality of not being oily helps in solving the acne skin issue.

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3. Panthenol 

It is a moisturizing compound that is made from pantothenic acid. It is also called vitamin B-5.

- Butanamide
- Provitamin B-5
- Alcohol analog of pantothenic acid
- Dexpanthenol


1. It reduces hair damage resulting from excessive brushing

2. Protects and repairs the hair

3. Protects the hair fiber by binding to the hair surface.

4. Promotes faster healing of the skin.

5. It improves the appearance of scars

6. It has a soothing action that reduces skin irritations such as itching.

7. It protects the skin barrier and keeps the skin hydrated.

4. Glycerin

It is a natural compound for skin and face care. It is used as a moisturizer to prevent or treat skin irritations such as rough and itchy skin. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and has a sweet taste.

1. Refreshes the skin surfaces.

2. Relives skins dehydration

3. It fights uncountable skin diseases

4. It treats acne

5. Glycerin helps in the removal of black dots from the face vi. It fights skin diseases such as psoriasis

6. It clears blemishes, marks, and age spots.

7. It can take the role of lip balms to help in getting rid of cracked and chapped lips.

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5. Keratin  

It is a type of product normally derived from wool, feathers, and horns of different animals, and used as an ingredient in hair cosmetics. Its main purpose is to strengthen the hair and make it look healthy.


1. It smoothens your hair and reduces frizz by making it look shinier and healthier.

2. It strengthens hair cuticles back together, resulting in stronger strands that promote hair growth without breakage.

3. Reduces porosity in the hair, thus, making less water be trapped in the hair.

4. Makes the hair incredibly soft with a lot of ease in styling manageability.

6. Cocos Nucifera Oil

It is a hair treatment oil derived from a variety of coconut oils depending on the desired properties and the application. It can also be got from other nut and seed-based oils such as shea butter and argan.

- Lauric acid
- Myristic acid
- And smaller amounts of some fatty acids.

1. Reduces dryness in the skin by locking moisture.

2. Removes impurities from the skin and soothes it.

3. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles .

4. It boosts the nutrient factor in the skin, which helps in fighting stressors that might initiate signs of aging in your body.

5. It quickly soothes irritated skin and relieves the skin from discomfort.

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7. Caffeine

It is a brain and central nervous system stimulant mostly found in tea, coffee, and cacao plants.

- Oil in form of fatty acids
- Free amino acids
- Chlorogenic acids such as lignin lipids wax
- Theobromine minerals in the form of caffeine

8. Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

It is a tyle of oil derived from the kernels of the Argania Spinosa tree. The oil is used for the nourishment and protection of hair follicles.

- Unsaturated fatty acids
- Tocopherols, also known as Vitamin E

1. It adequately protects the skin from sun damage/sunburns.

2. It fastens and improves the healing of wounds in the skin.

3. The oil is preferable for the treatment of skin diseases.

4. It treats acne.

5. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated by moisturizing it.

6. It protects the body from aging conditions through its anti-aging effects.

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9. Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract 

It is a type of flower extract created from flowers of a type of chamomilla chamomile.

- Terpenoids chamazulene


1. Provides soothing effects to the skin.

2. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in skin protection.

3. Helps in wound healing .

Offers the skin natural moisturizing.

10. Equisetum Arvense Extract

It is an herbal remedy that is traditionally traced to have been used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to heal wounds, treat ulcers and stop bleeding.

- Alkaloids
- Flavonoids
- Tannin
- Silicic acid
- Sterols

1. It supports bone healing, thus improving bone health

It acts as a natural diuretic by aiding in the excretion of urine from the body

Topical application of Equisetum Arvense Extract increases would healing

Its antioxidants and silicon properties help in promoting hair growth

It also has anti-inflammatory potentials

It helps in lowering blood sugar levels in the body and regenerating damaged pancreatic tissues

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11. Urtica Dioica Leaf Extract 

It is a type of flower extract created from flowers of a type of chamomilla chamomile.

- Proteins
- Moisture
- Crude fibre
- Ash


1. Contains innumerable nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

2. Helps in lowering blood pressure

3. It aids in controlling blood sugar levels in the body

4. Reduces the rate of inflammation

5. It acts as a remedy for reducing seasonal allergies

6. It is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia

12. Echinacea Purpurea Extract

It is a proprietary extract from the echinacea plant, used to enhance the systematic immune response in the body.

The plant has some specific ingredients, that call for its worldwide use. They include;

- Polysaccharides
- Glycoproteins
- Cichoric acid


1. It is widely used in the prevention of common cold

2. Helps in fighting a wide variety of infections

3. It treats inflammations in the skin

4. It improves blood sugar level in the body, therefore managing diabetes

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13. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract 

It is an extract from a plant also referred to as aloe vera, that stores water in its leaves.

- Inorganic compounds such as calcium, magnesium, and chlorine

- Enzymes such as alkaline phosphatase


1. Keeps the skin hydrated by moisturizing it

2. It helps in the treatment of sunburn

3. It relives the skin from discomforts such as itching

4. It has antioxidants and antibacterial properties thus, preventing bacterial infections in the body

5. It promotes and fastens would healing

6. It reduces dental plaque by preventing tooth decay and other diseases of the gum

7. It is used in the treatment of mouth ulcers

8. It can treat or reduce constipation

9. It prevents show up of aging signs by making the skin smooth and preventing wrinkles

14. Tocopheryl Acetate 

It is a skincare product that is usually in the form of Vitamin E. The main ingredient of this product is tocopherol.


1. Its most significant benefit is the treatment of vitamin E deficiency
2. It promotes healthy skin by moisturizing the skin and preventing wrinkles

It helps with faster wound healing

It helps in reducing inflammation in the body

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15. PEG-35 Castor Oil

It is a product from natural castor oil, mostly used as a surfactant.

-  Glyceryl
- Triricinoleyl
- Polyethylene
- Glycols


1. Used in cosmetics for emulsifications, as a solubilizer, and as a surfactant

2. It acts as a barrier against the loss of moisture from the skin, thus keeping the skin moisturized

16. Polysorbate 20

It is a type of cosmetic additive functioning as a surfactant and wetting agent.

 - Fatty acids including lauric, oleic, and stearic acids.
- Ethoxylated sorbitan


1. It improves the texture, feel and scent of cosmetic products

2. Functions as the perfect emulsifier, surfactant, and fragrance ingredient in the cosmetics industry

3. It promotes skincare

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17. Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract

It is an extract normally used as a dietary supplement to improve vein health and prevent inflammations.


1. It is used in the formal treatment of varicose veins by improving blood flow in the legs

2. Has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, that helps in preventing excessive fluid build-up in body tissues

3. It is used to relieve hemorrhoids - the swelling of veins around the anus and the rectum

4. Its antioxidant properties help in preventing cell damage

5. Prevents male infertility by avoiding swelling of the veins

18. Retinyl Palmitate 

It is a form of Vitamin A that is found in animal products such as chicken, beef and eggs. It is a retinoid compound that is derived from Vitamin A.

 - Palmitic acid
- Retinol, also known as Vitamin A


1. Has anti-aging properties which helps in creating a healthy skin

2. Prevents swelling of veins

3. Offers acne treatment

4. It helps in preventing the deficiency of Vitamin A

5. Reduces the risks of severe measles and tuberculosis, which are caused by deficiency of Vitamin A

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19. Caprylyl Glycol

It is a type of alcohol, derived from caprylic is found naturally in palm and coconut oils.

 - Coconut oil
- Palm kernel oil
- Milk from specific mammals


1. Results in a smoother complexion by keeping the skin moisturized by attracting and locking moisture into the skin.

2. It makes the skin soft and reduces aging signs

3. Exhibits skincare properties that protect your skin from bacterial infections

4. It acts as a preservative of the skin by preventing skin damages

5. It makes easier the application of other cosmetic products

20. Inositol

It is a type of sugar product, that influences insulin in your body, and controls responses and hormones associated with cognition and mood. It also provides structure to the cells.

- Myo-inositol
* Contains cis-1,2,3,5-trans-4,6-cyclohexanehexol which is extracted from the corn oil.


1. It helps in controlling panic disorder and relieving the fear of open or public places

2. Decreases blood pressure and promotes ovulation in obese women who might e having the polycystic ovary disorder

3. It acts as a treatment for the obsessive-compulsive disorder

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21. Calcium Pantothenate

It is a calcium salt, that is in the soluble form of Vitamin B5. It is found in plant and animal tissues with antioxidant properties.

 - Vitamin B2 complex
- Coenzyme A


1. Promotes hair growth

2. Reduces hair fall by strengthening hair roots

3. Prevents skin reactions to the radiation therapy

4. Heals acne

5. Promotes healing of mild eczemas

6. Helps in treating skin diseases and infections

22. Allantoin

It is a medicinal product used to treat and take care of the skin.

- 5-aminohydantoin


1. Keeps the skin hydrated

2. It helps in shedding dead skins cells

3. It has a soothing effect on the skin

4. It is helpful in faster healing of wounds

5. Has anti-aging effects

6. It moisturizes the skin to prevent dryness and irritation

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23. Linoleic Acid

It is a colorless acidic liquid that is insoluble in water, and soluble in many organic solvents. It is obtained from vegetable oils such as sunflower and safflower.

 - Polyunsaturated fatty acid
1. It improves insulin sensitivity

2. Controls blood pressure to ensure the safety of the heart

3. Promotes healthy skin shedding and renewal

4. It helps in keeping a bright complexion by keeping skin pores clear

5. Helps in making a soothing smooth skin

6. Helps the scalp to absorb ingredients faster and efficiently

24. Biotin

It is a cosmetic product in the form of vitamin H, from the vitamin B family, often insoluble in water, needed in the body to help in converting nutrients into energy.

- Valeric acid


1. Helps in maintaining the mucous membrane of the skin

2. Helps in fat metabolism to help in maintaining a healthy skin

3. Induces production of fatty acids which nourishes the skin

4. Stimulate hair growth

5. Reduces wrinkles and cellulite in the skin

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25. Vitis Vinifera Oil

It is a skin conditioning product that is sourced from grape seeds or fruits

 - Fatty acids including palmitic and oleic acids.

1. Makes the skin softer and more elastic

2. Make the vitamins A and C in the skin to be more effective in skin preservation

3. Protects the skin from sun damage

26. Rosa Caninaflower Extract 

It is an extract from the Hip Rose flower, Rosa Canina and Rosaceae.

- Saponins
- Alkaloids
- Flavonoids
- Glycosides
- Volatile oil


1. Contains fatty acids that nourish the skin

2. Prevents dryness of the skin

3. Helps in removal of dead skin layers

4. Promotes skin growth by cleansing the skin

5. Has anti-aging properties

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27. Alcohol 

The ingredient is mostly found in beer and spirits and is a solvent in perfumes and cosmetics. Alcohol is formed through the fermentation of products such as fruits, grains, and sugar-content products. A study has categorized the types of alcohol into four;

1. Ethyl: it is made from the fermentation of yeast and sugar. This type is always found in the liquors and wines that are often drunk. Synthetic ethyl alcohol is mostly used in perfumes and sanitizers.

2. Isopropanol: it is a poisonous type of alcohol, made from propylene gas, and always used in nail polish removers.

3. Denatured ethyl: a type of alcohol used in the removal of stain products while cleaning. It is ethyl alcohol with a mixture of toxic and smelly substances.

4. Rubbing alcohol: It is a version of isopropanol alcohol, diluted with water.

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28. Nelumbium Speciousum Flower Extract

It is an extract of flowers of the sacred lotus, nelumbium speciousum and Nymphaeaceae.


1. Makes the skin well hydrated by preserving the skin’s inherent moisture

2. Helps in denaturing dead skin cells

3. Cleanses and improves skin complexion

4. Promotes intense repair for the skin for healthier and brighter hair

5. Helps in activating genes that produce proteins to repair the hair fibre.

29. Lactic Acid 

A type of acid that helps the body by initiating molecule signaling, glucose production and cell respiration.


 1. Helps in elimination of accumulated dead skin cells in the epidermis, through increasing cell turnover

2. Prevents formation of wrinkles

3. Creates a smooth a thicker skin that is soft


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